Singles Champion 2019 / 20 - Tim Harwood (Tunbury SMBC)

November 24, 2019

Tim was playing in his 1st singles final and was seeking to gain his second County title; having won the 4's back in 2012. Tim had also played a pairs final in 2003 and another fours final in 2016. Tim had 1 winner and 2 runner's up medals previously, however,  he was determined to make this prestigious and most sought after trophy his.

Tim was bowling superbly alll day; in the semi-final he met Kent's most successful singles player Tim Rycraft; this only seemed to galvanise Tim as he continued his march from previous matches; with an end to spare Tim was 9-3 shots victorious, his place in his first singles final was booked! 

In the final, Tim took the early ends as he found himself 3 - 0 up after two ends; however, Malcolm Nelmes found the mat, lines and pace and started to draw superbly. After 7 ends Tim was 9 - 4 down.


Tim held his nerve, dug very deep and started to turn the ends around, taking 8 shots from the final 3 ends. In fact as he played the last end her was 1 behind needing two to win. This was his day as he finished on a maximum 4 shots taking the the end and the title. ​

Kent gives a massive congratulations to Tim for his 1st singles title in Kent. 

Singles Runner Up 2019 / 20 - Malcolm Nelmes (Smarden SMBC)

November 24, 2019

This was Malcolm's first Kent final.

In his semi-final Malcolm met Ray Offord from Tunbury; after a start Malcolm piled on the pressure as he won the second to fifth ends consecutively. This gave him an 8-1 advantage at the 5 ends stage. Ray was not giving in as he staged a mini fight back winning the 6th and 7th ends. After 7 ends the score was 8-4 to Malcolm. He held his nerve winning the last two ends with 4 more shots eventually running out 12 - 4  winner.


​The final was set and Malcolm and Tim would provide Kent with a brand new winner. At two ends; he was 3-0 behind but determined. Malcolm won 4 out of the next 5 ends putting himself 9-4 up with 3 ends to play. The title and cup were tantalisingly close, unreality he just needed to win 1 of the last 3 ends. 


Whether it was the pressure or Tim's improving performance we will never know, however, Malcolm found himself in trouble in he last 3 ends losing all of the ends and dropping 8 shots. It was not to be for Malcolm as he found himself defeated by 12-9. 

It was a sterling effort on Malcolm's part as he defeated the holder Grant Allen on route. Kent congratulates Malcolm for a fine day's bowling but also commiserates for his defeat. 

Pairs Champions 2019 / 20 - Grant Allen & Mike Doorey (Herne Bay & Langley)

April 22, 2017

Grant and Mike have not bowled together in the pairs before; Mike was seeking his second pairs championship in 3 seasons whilst Grant was seeking this trophy to complete his collection as a winner of all 4 domestic trophies. 

Looking to stop their campaign in the semi final was Adam Lockwood and Phillip Ramsden from Langley; Adam a new bowler and Phillip an old hand did not get out of the blocks as Grant and Mike went 9-1 after 5 ends. Adam & Phil could not find their way to turn around this scoreline as Grant & Mike secured a convincing 13-3 victory after 10 ends. This put the pair into a final against in-form Linda Wynn and Gary Allard from Tunbury.

Grant and Mike started strongly securing a 3-2 lead after 3 ends, they consolidated this good start with a 5-3 advantage after 6 ends. The game was tight and shots hard to come by and with 1 end to play they took an 8-4 lead into the last end. Providing they didn't do anything daft they would secure a win. In the end the best Wynn and Allard could do was to take a single shot. Grant and Mike had won with an 8-5 scoreline.

A fantastic result and huge congratulations from Kent to Mike and Grant.

Pairs Runner Up 2019 / 20 - Linda Wynn & Gary Allard (Tunbury SMBC)

April 22, 2017

Linda and Gary have won this competition back in 1998/99 season and were in fine form during this competition. Gary was looking for his 4th pairs final and third trophy whilst Linda was seeking her second final. 

In their way semi-final they met club mate and friend Nicky Tresadern and Patrick Finnis from Tunbury and Ryarsh, often when club mates meet it is a tense and tight affair. This was certainly the case with Linda and Gary leading 5 - 4 after 5 ends, then 6-6 after 8 ends and finally 7 - 7 after 10 ends, An extra end would have to decide it, after some tense and tight bowling Linda & Gary took a single shot to secure their place against Grant and Mike from Herne Bay and Langley.

The final was also a tight match, however, from Linda & Gary's perspective they were always chasing the game. They found themselves 3-2 down after 3 ends, 5-3 down after 6 ends and 8-4 down after 9 ends. They would need something special to win as they played the last end needing 4 for a draw and an extra end. This proved too much as they found the situation was too difficult. they secured a single shot but lost 8 shots to 5.

Kent and our members pass a commiserations to Linda and Gary for a great effort.

Triples Winner 2019 / 20 - Linda Wynn, Richard Stagg & Jody Frampton (Tunbury SMBC)

April 22, 2017

Linda was looking to play in her third triples final in 4 years whilst Richard was seeking to increase his one triples title from 1998/9 and Jody looking to add to his two previous titles in 1993/4 and 2001/2. 


Looking to stop them in their semi-final was Val & Martin Matthews  and Phil Ramsden. The first half of the match was tight seeing Jody's triple edging a 7-5 lead after 6 ends. A second half push saw them take 6 shots whilst only conceding 1 shot in the last 4 ends, winning 13-6 to secure a final versus the Langley trio of Jenny Eldridge, Rob Berry and Richard Southby.

In the end their experience saw them through as they dominated the final, only losing the first end and taking all the subsequent ends resulting in a final 16-1 victory. 

A fantastic effort by this very strong Tunbury triple, all with multiple domestic titles under their belts. Kent congratulates them all and acknowledges the height that they have set the bar again in Kent.

Triples Runner Up 2019 / 20 - Jenny Eldridge, Rob Berry and Richard Southby

April 22, 2017

Jenny and Richard were seeking to play in their first triples final whilst Rob was looking to secure his third time and first victory. In their semi-final was a very determined Bob Deane, Betty Robinson and Ian Bridger. This was to be a very tight match with neither side able to take a lead; on the end an extra end was required to find the winners. Jenny, Rob & Richard secured a 7-6 victory and place versus Linda, Richard and Jody.

The final was to be one game too far as they found the going too tough on the day, the Langley trio took the first end with a single shot, however, after this they were unable to get into the match losing each subsequent end losing to a very strong Tunbury triple by 16 shots to 1. 

Kent gives commiserations to this Langley Triple who we know will be back to fight another day.

Fours Champion 2019 / 20 - Linda Wynn, Nicky Tresadern, Rich Stagg and Gary Allard

April 22, 2017

Linda, Nicky, Richard and Gary were bowling very well and were seeking to retain the cup as the holders.  All 4 players had won this trophy at least once, between them winning it 9 times.

Looking to stop them was another old time team skipped by Tim Rycraft from Langley, also a multiple winner. The game was always with Allard's team as they led 6-1 after 3 ends, then 9-3 after 6 ends and finally 12-5 after the 8 ends.

This put this very experienced Tunbury quartet against club mates Alan, Matt & Tim Harwood with skip Cliff Henry. Cliff, Alan and Tim had all previously won this trophy with victories in 1991/92 for Cliff and 2012/13 for Alan and Tim. 

A typical club final ensued as Allard's quartet took a 3-2 lead after 3 ends, then 4-5 after 6 ends, 6-6 after 8 ends resulting in an extra end. Allard and his team's experience came through as they secured a two to win and retain the trophy with an 8-6 victory.

A huge well done to this very strong Tunbury quartet who take the trophy for a second time in two years.

Fours Runner Up 2019 / 20 - Alan Harwood, Matt Harwood, Tim Harwood and Cliff Henry

April 22, 2017

This Tunbury quartet have had an excellent domestic season and were seeking to continue this with a good run and in the 4's. Alan and Tim had won this trophy back in 2012/13 season whilst Cliff had appeared in two previous finals but never won it.

In their way in the semi-final was a fellow club team skipped by Alan Ellis; on the day the Henry four were too strong taking a 15-2 win to secure their place in the final

They started the final confidently with a 3-2 deficit after 3 ends, then switching it back to a 5-4 lead after 6 ends, At the end of the 8th end they found themselves level and therefore needing an extra end; this end didn't go their way as they dropped two shots to lose the final.

Kent passes commiserations but also a big pat on the back to Matt Harwood who made his first domestic final, the first of many for sure.

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