Singles Champion 2017 / 18 - Chris Bull (Hawkinge SMBC)

April 22, 2017

Chris was playing in his 3rd singles final and was seeking to notch up his second singles title.

As you would expect Chris was bowling superbly and had been all day; in the semi-final he met an in-form Patrick Finnis and despite Patrick's form and bowling experience Chris took an early lead and never looked back. At the half way stage Chris was 7 - 1 up, Chris held his nerve and kept the pressure on Patrick, scoring heavily finding himself 16 - 1 shots up after 8 ends. Patrick had nothing left and conceded the game to Chris with three ends to play.This meant Chris was lining himself up against Michael Doorey who was also bowling very well.

In the final, again Chris put the early pressure on and took a good lead and after 5 ends Chris found himself 11 - 2 up. At this stage it was unto Mike to make the shots and for Chris it was just a question of consolidating his score. Chris held his nerve despite a fight back by Mike and eventually ran out 14 - 5 winner with 2 spare ends.

Huge congratulations to Chris as he secured his 2nd singles title in Kent.

Singles Runner Up 2017 / 18 - Michael Doorey (Langley SMBC)

February 23, 2023

This was Mike's first singles final and his third domestic final this season; you do not get stronger evidence as to how well he is bowling than that.

In his semi-final Mike met a friend and club mate Thomas Coles; despite this friendship no quarter was given by either party and a titanic battle ensued. Mike took an early lead with a 6 - 2 difference in his favour, after 8 ends Mike led 13 - 3, however, Thomas was not going without a fight as he took two 3's on the 9th and 10th ends. This meant that Thomas needed a full house 4 to push the extra end, despite a back and forth end with both players having chances Mike held on and took 2 shots. This meant that Thomas could not win and he conceded with 1 end left to play.

The final was now lined up for Mike and Chris Bull.  Mike took the initiative in the first end, gambled to prevent Chris from attacking the head and lost a single shot. This seemed to set the pattern for Mike as Chris dominated the score sheet; at the half way stage Mike was 11 -2 down, despite a small fight back Mike could not hold Chris and finally lost 14 - 5. 

A disappointed Mike left the competition but I have no doubt he will be back!

Pairs Champions 2017 / 18 - Rob Ferguson and Mike Doorey (Langley SMBC)

April 22, 2017

This was Rob's first Short Mat title and Mike's third. Both have been playing in the Kent Premier team this season. Both bowled superbly all day taking some good scalps on the way to their deserved victory.

In their semi-final Rob and Mike met the family duo of Alan & Tim Harwood; at the half way stage Rob and Mike had a steady 6 - 2 lead. They held their nerve throughout this game and secured a convincing 10 - 5 victory.

This set the stage for a final against Patrick Finnis and Allan Plowman from Ryarsh; despite a quick start that saw Rob and Mike take a 7 - 1 lead after 5 ends it was not to be all their way as Patrick and Allan clawed the lead back to 9 -8 with 1 end to play. Rob and Mike held their nerve taking a single shot to win 10 - 8

Pairs Runner Up 2017 / 18 - Patrick Finnis and Allan Plowman (Ryarsh SMBC)

April 22, 2017

This was the first time that Patrick and Allan had made the Kent Pairs final. Both players had been bowling well through the season with Patrick bowling in the Kent A side and Allan in the Premier side. Both players have had plenty of bowling success and would be no easy push over to anyone.

In their semi-final they met the inform Herne Bay bowlers Eddie & Grant Allen...this was a clash of the titans with a very tight match; at the half way stage Patrick and Allan were 6 - 4 up. The next few ends were tight with Patrick & Allan taking some important single shots leaving a 3 shot difference in their favour with the final end to play.  They played a tactical end losing 2 and securing a 1 shot victory. This took them to the final where they met Rob Ferguson and Mike Doorey from Langley.

The early exchanges did not go their way as they went 1 - 7 down at the half way stage however, as long time players they dug deep and won 7 shots in 3 ends whilst only losing 2 shots in 2 ends. This lead to them playing the final end one shot down; after a tense finale the Langley pair held onto a shot and the dream for Patrick and Allan was over as they lost by 10 shots to 8. An excellent final and great advert for Kent and Short Mat.

Triples Winner 2017 / 18 - Linda Wynn, Thomas Coles & Gary Allard

April 22, 2017

The very experienced team of Linda, Thomas and Gary met the on form scratch team of Neil Faulkner, Jason Smith and Richard Stagg in their semi-final with the scratch team taking the first 3 consecutive ends by 1 shot. however, this was to be their undoing as they woke this experienced triple. playing the last end Allard's triple led by 9 shots to 6.. They showed their dominance taking a 3 on the last end finally winning 12 - 6.

This matched them against the first time entrants Mick Trotter, Grant and Eddie Allen from Herne Bay SMBC.  Allard's triple kept their head in the early exchanges taking a 3 shot lead after 2 ends; half way through and Allard's triple were 6 shots to 3 up. Playing the last end Allard's triple had an almost impossible 6 shot lead. Despite a dead end on the last end and a resulting replayed end Allard's triple kept it tight taking a single on the last end to win with a strong 12 shots to 5 win.

Triples Runner Up 2017 / 18 - Mick Trotter, Grant Allen & Eddie Allen

April 22, 2017

Despite this being the Herne Bay's first Kent competition in Kent's main and county wide event they showed no fear and took on everyone they met. In their semi-final they showed great spirit beating Bob Deane, Andy Player and Barry Baker. This was a tight affair with few shots being scored at any stage; at the half way stage Herne Bay were 5 shots to 3 up., however, they struggled to score in the 7th,8th and 9th ends finding themselves 8 shots to 6 down playing with one end to play. However, this seemed to 'fire' them up as they dominated taking a 3 to finish 9 - 8 winners.

At their first time of asking Herne Bay had secured a final against multiple time Champions Linda Wynn, Thomas Coles and Gary Allard. The first few ends saw the points go both ways and after 4 ends they were 3 shots each, however, Allard's triple put their foot on the accelerator taking 4 out of the last 5. This resulted in a very credible defeat for Herne Bay in their very first attempt at trying. The final score being 5 shots to 12.

Well done to the Herne Bay boys!

Fours Champion 2017 / 18 - Dave Mason, Eddie Allen, Joe Kelly, Grant Allen

April 22, 2017

This was Herne Bay's second domestic finals day in a row and no doubt they were determined to better their Triples day.

In their semi-final Herne Bay met Linda Wynn, Rob Berry, Thomas Coles and Gary Allard and participated in the most extraordinary game I have seen in many years. Herne Bay raced to a 10 shots to 2 lead.This put them firmly on the front foot, however, their very experienced opponents were having none of it defending their opportunity to play in another final they won 4 from the last five ends securing a drawn game and an extra end. In the first attempt at playing the extra end Herne Bay found themselves down with 2 bowls to play. Dave Mason (Herne Bay skip) sent a firing shot up the mat to clear the head; unfortunately  he shaved the block and destroyed the head before anyone could stop it. This meant that the extra end had to be played again.....this time after the end was played Herne Bay secured a single shot to win the game and take their place in the final. 

They were meeting the very experienced quartet of Michelle Fitzgerald, Phillip Ramsden, Michael Doorey and Tim Rycraft who happened to be the defending champions. This did not daunt the Herne Bay team as they took the early exchanges securing an 8 - 4 lead at the half way point. However, on the next end they dropped a 5 finding themselves 9 - 8 down. This seemed to spark them into gear as they won the last 4 ends finding themselves with a highly deserved and significant 20 shots to 9 victory.

Herne Bay had made two finals in their first year and now find themselves in the prestigious Kent Hall of Fame.....well done to Dave Mason, Eddie Allen, Joe Kelly, Grant Allen.

Keep your eye out for these players as they will be back looking for more bowling blood and silverware!

Fours Runner Up 2017 / 18 - Michelle Fitzgerald, Phil Ramsden, Michael Doorey & Tim Rycraft

April 22, 2017

Michelle, Phil, Michael & Tim were looking to defend their cup from last season and met Matthew Harwood, Frank Weideholz, Bob Deane and Tim Harwood in their semi-final match. The Rycraft quartet were too strong on the day taking a 6 -3 lead at the half way point and securing a 12 - 4 win after the 9 ends.

Between Michelle, Phil, Mike and Tim this was their 14th fours final and for Michelle, Mike and Tim this was their defence of the title they won last season. The first half of the game ebbed and flowed between the two sides and after 6 ends Tim's quartet found themselves in front by 1 shot, however, during the last 4 ends the defending champions could not find the form that secured victory previously finding themselves unable to win any of the last 4 ends. The final result was an emphatic victory for the Herne Bay quartet. Tim's rink lost by 20 shots to 9.

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