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AGM Proposals

AGM Proposals must be in by 1st April 2023.  

AGM date TBA


Early April Tescos will have the KCSMBA as one of the blue token selection tanks. Please ask as many friends and family as possible to vote for us.

This will help the county.

Vote for us in the following stores:

1. Maidstone Grove Green

2. Tonbridge Rd Express

3. Maidstone (ME15 6RN)

4. Coxheath Express

5. London Rd Maidstone Express

6. Bearstead Express

7. Oakwood Park, Maidstone

8. Aylesford CFC

9. Week St Maidstone Express

10. Maidstone Loose Rd Express


Register Players

The county are starting to use and app called Coacha for registering players.   Please start registering your players for next year by clicking on below

Coacha App


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