County Ranking Points and Badges

Ranking Points and Badges

County Ranking Points
To obtain a County badge to represent the county, members must gain sufficient ranking points to become listed in the top 60 places on the annual ranking list. Ranking points from the past two years are added together to compile the list and are rolled over each year. The total number of members appearing on the list varies each year and the County committee decides upon the cut-off point.

Ranking points are obtained by entering the 4 County domestic competitions and are awarded in the following manner:


2 points: for each win in the round robin stage 

1 point: for each drawn game in the round robin stage 

2 points: for round robin winners (bonus for winning their group) 

2 points: for each win in the knockout stage.

1.     The County guarantees every newly qualified player the opportunity to play at least one county game in the following season after their badge has been earned.

2.     A county badge is only awarded to the player after representing the county in a competitive game, either in the Premier, A or B Team. Failure to play will mean that the player will not receive their county badge and cap.

3.     Once a county badge has been obtained, players are eligible to play for the county without re-qualifying providing they are either on the current top 60 ranking list or they enter/compete in at least two competitions in the forthcoming year. They can, of course, achieve both.

4.     A Player may also be awarded a Kent county badge for gaining Full national honours by representing their country in a full International tournament.

5.     A member may decline becoming a county player.

6.     Players wishing to leave Kent and represent or play in another county must rescind their county badge.

7.     If a player wishes to rejoin Kent after playing for another county, the player must apply in a letter of application to the county committee. Approval by the committee should be by secret ballot and must be by majority.