Singles Champion 2016 / 17 - Nicky Bartlett (Tunbury SMBC)

April 22, 2017

This was Nicky's first singles cup and well deserved; in recent seasons Nicky has been bowling in the England squad and has been a key member of the Kent Premier side.

He met club mate and friend Gary Allard in the final and 'chalked' up a credible 11 - 4 win over Gary to secure his first domestic singles win and cup.

Nicky beat Jeff Vanns in the semi-final which was very hard fought and won on the last end with a 9-6 victory in Nicks favour.

Singles Runner Up 2016 / 17 - Gary Allard (Tunbury SMBC)

February 23, 2023

Despite Gary being one of Kent's longest service players this was his first Singles final; he met his good friend and club mate Nicky Bartlett in the final. Despite their obvious friendship this was a hard fought match and unfortunately for Gary a few key ends went against him and he ran out runner up to Nicky with a scoreline of 4 shots to 11.

Gary has bowled for many seasons having won most things, in the past he represented England. He continues to bowl for the Kent premier side. 

He met Neil Faulkner in the semi-final and won with a 9-5 scoreline.

Pairs Champions 2016 / 17 - Rob Berry & Nicky Bartlett (Langley & Tunbury SMBC)

April 22, 2017

This was Rob and Nicky's first domestic Pairs Cup together and was when considering their abilities perhaps an overdue cup. Both Rob and Nick have bowled for the Kent Premier team in the pairs this season having disposing of many top class players.

They met a new team from Borden and showed their experience with a 11-4 victory.

On the way to the final they met Chris Bull who they beat on the last end winning by 8 shots to 6.


Pairs Runner Up 2016 / 17 - Pamela and Mark Mills (Borden SMBC)

April 22, 2017

This was Pamela and Mark's first county domestic final and a great achievement. Perhaps this was a game too far as they met a very experienced and strong pair in the final, eventually losing by 4 shots to 11.

Pamela and Mark have earned their County Badge after this season and will join the Kent squad for 2017 / 18 season and will no doubt add their individual skills to the squad.

Borden SMBC have a strong history in the Kent domestic competitions and no doubt Pamela and Mark will be back in the finals again soon. They met Gary Allard in the semi-final beating him by 10 shots to 5.

Triples Winner 2016 / 17 - Val Mathews, Martin Matthews and Neil Faulkner (Tunstall SMBC)

April 22, 2017

This was the second time that Val and Martin had collected the domestic triples cup, the last being back in 2012/13 season. For Neil this was his first triples cup, however, this had been a successful partnership previously when they won the fours in 2014/15.

The Tunstall trio met a very experienced triple from Tunbury and played a very tight game tactically, a key moment being when the Tunbury team made a mistake dropping 5 shots at a point when they were 7-2 up. This turned the tide and Tunstall ran out 9 - 7 victors.

The Tunstall trio met Derek Ford (two years ago winners) in the Semi-final disposing of them with a 9 - 7 victory.

Triples Runner Up 2016 / 17 - Linda Wynn, Nicky Bartlett & Gary Allard (Kemsing & Tunstall SMBC)

April 22, 2017

This very experienced triple who between them have won almost everything available in Kent. They had all won the triples cup, however, not as a full triple. 


Perhaps this was a game too far as despite taking a good early lead their concentration slipped and they let the eventual winners back in to the game. After a close finish they ran out in second spot with a 7 - 9 defeat.

They met Eddie Holden's Shorne triple in the semi-final beating them by 14 shots to 4.

Fours Champion 2016 / 17 - Michelle Fitzgerald, Joshua Austen (missing), Michael Doorey & Tim Rycraft (Langley & Wye SMBC)

April 22, 2017

Between Michelle, Michael and Tim this was their 12th fours final. The Langley / Wye quartet seemed to be inspired during the days bowling and bowled a perfect game in the final. Joshua (missing from the photo) made his first domestic final appearance bowling superbly all day and not showing his inexperience at all. Michelle and Joshua set the end each time and gave Michael and Tim a great start that made their jobs that much easier. 

Michelle, Michael and Tim all play in the Kent Premier team with Joshua also having played for the county side. In the end this very experienced quartet ran out 12 - 1 victors with an end to spare,

They met Linda Wynn,  Nicky Bartlett and Gary Allard beating them in a tactically tight game running out 9 - 6 victors.

Fours Runner Up 2016 / 17 - Alan Harwood, Matthew Harwood (missing from the photo), Tim Harwood & Cliff Henry (Tunbury SMBC)

April 22, 2017

Despite this being an experienced Tunbury four, with Alan, Tim and Cliff all playing in the Premier team it was in fact their first fours final together; Cliff had played previously been a fours finalist in the 1991/2 season . Having had some excellent results previously in the competition this game was not to be theirs as they met the very experienced Langley team in the final. 

The final was a disappointing result for the foursome losing by 1 shot to 12, however with their experience they will no doubt be back in the finals again soon.

They met Jeff Vann's Langley quartet in the semi final beating them by 12 shots to 7. 

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