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Membership Benefits

What does my membership get me?

Kent membership grants you and your club the following benefits

  • All players registered are automatically granted ‘personal’ insurance through the ESMBA. (See below for breakdown)

  • Clubs have access to discounted and industry leading insurance for both Public Liability and Equipment Insurance (See below for detailed benefits)

  • Clubs and the registered players within will have access to all Kent Tournaments and can play for the County Team.

  • Clubs shall have voting rights at the AGM




Why do we recommend it?

Individual Kent membership now costs just £5 per player. Roughly 10 pence per week.  It guarantees that you are fully insurance for bowling and travelling to bowls-based activities. If you are a Committee Member, it means that your players are better protected in the unfortunate event of an accident. For the players they can rest assured that if they need treatment or need to take time off work, then there is financial help available. In the grand scheme of costs we have seen from the impact of events such as Covid, and the unexpected costs of an accident, then we feel for £5 a year, the only sensible option is to join Kent and be protected.

Individuals will be covered for the following (Under £5 yearly Kent Membership)


  1. Accidental Death                                £15,000

  2. Loss of Sight                                        £15,000

  3. Loss of hearing

    1. One ear                                         £3,750

    2. Both ears                                       £15,000

  4. Loss of one or more limbs                  £15,000

  5. Loss of Speech                                    £7,500

  6. Loss of Internal Organ                         £3,750

  7. Permanent Total Disablement from Usual Occupation                                                                                                                        £15,000

  8. Temporary Total Disablement from Usual Occupation

  •                                                               £25 per week (max 104 weeks)

  1. Temporary Partial Disablement from Usual Occupation

  •                                                               £10 per week (max 104 weeks)

  1. Broken Bones Benefit

    1. Arm/Leg/Back                               £500

    2. Any other bone                             £100


Personal accident cover will respond whilst on the premises or elsewhere in connection with

organised short mat bowls activities, including commuting to and from your destination


Optional benefits possible with Kent Membership:


Civil Liability Insurance:

The insurance cost is £35.00 for Civil Liability for an indemnity limit of £5,000,000 and Employers Liability for £10,000,000


Through the ESMBA you will have the option of purchasing Civil Liability Insurance.  It maybe possible to find competitive insurance elsewhere, however members benefit from enhancements that are often not easy to find on the general market.  These include


  • ‘Member to member’ cover and financial protection against advice, abuse defence and libel & slander  

  • Usual restrictions surrounding theft or malicious damage to equipment have been removed so, it is no longer necessary for premises to have British Standard locks or padlocks.

  • Money/assault section covers club cash plus, assault on club officers whilst they have cash in their possession. 

  • Employers Liability cover for your volunteers whilst they participate in employment type duties on your behalf.


Equipment and Money Insurance:

This is offered to members for the competitive rate of £15.00 per £1,000 of equipment and/or trailer cover and £9.00 for £300.00 of money cover. 

Civil Liability & Equipment Documentation (PDF)
Personal Accident Documentation (PDF)
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