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Keent Summer Fours League

Kent Short Mat Bowls Association have decided to create a Summer Fours League on a trial basis for the 2022 summer season.

The league shall be open to all Kent registered clubs and shall be free to enter. This Is a new benefit as part of your yearly registration fee.

We plan to run leagues of 7 teams, with every team playing each team once, giving all teams 6 games. A team will be one rink. Clubs may register as many or as few bowlers as they like to a team, however players shall be tied to a team once they have played 1 game for that team.

Players must be Kent registered players in order to play.

Games will be held at a neutral venue of the other clubs in the league. Each club shall host 3 of the games and collect the green fees for the match.  Green fees shall be £2.50 per player, giving the host club £20 income per game.

If we get enough teams to run multiple leagues, then clubs will be able to enter multiple teams, giving them 3 host games for each team they enter.

Entry is required no later than 10th April, for a May start.  Game rounds will be on a fortnightly basis.

Entry forms

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