Rules and Regulations Officer: Barry Baker

Barry has been the Kent Rules and Regulations Officer for Kent since 2013 and can be contacted for all questions and queries relating to the rules of the game. His details are listed below:


Telephone:     01732 882518

New Umpires are always required and the County does need more qualified umpires to help officiate at County and Domestic competitions. Can you help?  Please contact Barry for more details and information.

Should any Clubs, Leagues or Organisations require an Umpire for an event or if a club or individual require additional rule books please also contact Barry and he will be pleased to help.

Should you have any unusual problems or questions please remember the last word in the official rule book:-

"It should be noted that no code of laws can govern every situation and the unforeseen can arise. Where an incident occurs that cannot reasonably have been foreseen, it is hoped that in the absence of any express law, good sportsmanship and common sense will prevail." 

We currently have ten active ESMBA Umpires in Kent as listed below:

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