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Kent Squad Day 2023

Kent held their annual squad day this last Sunday (17th Sept), which was attended by just over 60 County Bowlers.

New badge holders were presented with their shirts and the Committe would like to congratulate the following on obtaining their badge for the coming season.

Full Badge

  1. Lauren Ramsden

  2. Philip Porter

  3. Darren Moulding

  4. Neil Newman

  5. Lyn Porter

  6. Dave Long

  7. Oliver Tree

B Team Badge

  1. Many Long

  2. Ray Niblock

  3. Steve Seager

  4. Sam Murphy

  5. Noah Philpott

  6. Amanda Doorey

  7. Dave Murphy

  8. Paul Hutson

The new Squad Manager got to see players for the first time in their new positions, and will now finalise teams for the first game of the season against Essex this coming Sunday.

Below are some highlighted shots taken on the day.

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